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The War Against Plastic

Oct 16,2019 654

While businesses and organizations try to reduce consumption of products such as plastic straws, bags or food packaging, the plastic industry is warning about the economic, health and environmental risks of these measures.

Measures to discourage the consumption of plastic products such as straws and bags pose significant challenges to companies that implement them, such as increasing costs when replacing plastic products with other reusable or recyclable products.

On the other side of the fence, plastic products manufacturers are constantly monitoring new technologies and replacement materials, but consider that the costs incurred by companies that decide to replace plastic products with alternatives makes their viability difficult, at least for now.

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Regarding "... this trend for eliminating plastic" , Marco Luconi, president of the Board of Directors of the Costa Rican Association of the plastic industry (Aciplast) said in an interview with that "...Replacing plastic as packaging and consumption material means that the new material you are going to use is going to be the new environmental problem because the underlying problem, willingness, is not solved. "In the Chamber we promote recycling programs to mitigate the environmental impact of human consumption, which ultimately does not matter if it is plastic, glass, tin: there is an environmental impact, there is no such thing as zero impact.'."

On the disposal of single-use plastics, Luconi said: "...The fact that they are eliminated does not solve problems but rather creates new issues.  For example, with supermarket plastic bags, the experience of other countries is that their ban triggers a rise in the use of garbage bags because grocery bags are anything but disposable. Most people reuse them and if they were eliminated the environmental consequence would be greater."